What’s Your Definition of “On My Grind”?

I hear a lot of people say they’re out there being on their grind and working their asses off, but honestly I don’t see it. I be irate that the people who actually say this, are lazily on their “grind.”

I come from a background of real laborers. One side of my family raised pigs, butchered chickens for the town, laid bricks and foundations, were construction workers, etc. The other side raised beef and milk cattle, helped build dams, worked on printing presses, etc. The epitome of true workers. My parents raised me with the expectations of working hard for your money. Handouts don’t happen — well unless you’re lucky, but you shouldn’t expect them and you should maybe feel a tad guilty receiving them. So when I work, I put 120% effort into what I do– unless I’m extremely worn out or dealing with horrible people…and when I say horrible, I mean want to kick babies for some relief, horrible.

Ever since I’ve lived in New York, I’ve realized that people try to find so many loopholes to not work while being at work. What’s the point of having a job?!? People honestly rejoice about not having to do anything all day. Yes, it’s nice to not be bombarded with tons of work at once, but why are you complaining that you have to do basic work at your job?  (Another sidenote into my thinking: I was also raised with thinking: if you don’t like what you’re doing, don’t do it) If you don’t like what your job entails, find another job. You should be happy to be working and giving 120% of your effort.  If I had my dream job I would want to be surrounded with tons of work. At least I know I’m making a difference with my coworkers’ lives and my readers’ lives.

I feel like I wouldn’t be such a sour puss half the time if people I work with or see, put in half the amount of effort I do into their job. If you’re freaking salary, you shouldn’t be seating around and just delegating. You should be in the action and solving problems. Being on your grind means you actually make someone elses’ life easier or better. Can you say that about yourself?

One thought on “What’s Your Definition of “On My Grind”?

  1. my definition of bein “on your grind” is in some ways the same and some ways different to your sis. To me it means working hard,doin the things you love to do and trying to make your life better.giving 1oo+ percent. It’s about doing your best at what you love and working smarter,not harder to enhance your life,future and in return making life a little easier for someone else. I believe and was taught from a very young age by my grandmother that we are put on this earth that the Lord gave us for three reasons—to serve God,first nd foremost,to serve others, and to serve or families.

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